Special Provision

After you have made your purchase and paid, your order will be blessed before shipping.

Likewise all St. Benedict, Beeswax candles, Spiritual warfare packages, incense and any item containing the word “exorcised” will be exorcised by a Catholic priest after the purchase and payment have been fulfilled. 

We do not sell first or second class relics. Some of the items that we have available contain third class relics of saints. The price that is asked for these products is not for the relic itself, but to cover the cost of the materials for the item. For example, a rosary with a third class relic of St. Faustina may cost $15. The price of the item is to cover the cost of the rosary, and it is an additional benefit for the customer that the rosary includes a third class relic. We are not selling the relic itself. 

Lastly, many of our products contain soil or water from various holy places which are also blessed upon purchase. 

If you have any questions or doubts please feel free to contact us.