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Triumph of Love

Walnut Colored Inlay St. Benedict Standing Crucifix

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A standing traditional hickory stained wood cross with silver edges and a silver corpus. It is set in a two-tiered rounded rectangular wood base that frames the cross. A large silver St. Benedict medal is set where the crossbeams meet. A powerful sacramental of the Church, the St. Benedict crucifix, when exorcized and blessed, brings a particular protection of the home where it is placed against evil as well as a particular presence of Christ himself. This crucifix is a perfect size for a desk, bookshelf, or night table, protecting the room or office and those who use it and evangelizing those who visit. These crucifixes are purchased for our shop by our sisters who live and serve in the Heart of the Church in Rome.

Dimension: 2 7/8" x 5 1/4"

Brought from: Rome