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Triumph of Love

Cherry Wood Colored St. Benedict Crucifix

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A traditional cherry stained wood cross upon which hangs a silver corpus. A large silver St. Benedict medal is set where the crossbeams meet. A powerful sacramental of the Church, the St. Benedict crucifix, when exorcized and blessed, brings a particular protection of the home where it is placed against evil as well as a particular presence of Christ himself. Available in two sizes, this crucifix is a great statement hung at the entrance of a house or any medium to large room, claiming it and those who live there for Christ. These crucifixes come from the Villa of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico and brought to our shop with love by members of the Family of the Pierced Hearts. 


Medium: 6 3/4" x 12 1/2" 
Large: 10" x 18 1/2"

Imported from: Mexico