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Triumph of Love

White Oak Colored St. Benedict Crucifix with Black Border

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A traditional white oak stained wood cross upon which hangs a dark silver corpus. This light natural wood color is accented by a black border along the edges of the cross. A medium silver St. Benedict medal is set where the crossbeams meet. A powerful sacramental of the Church, the St. Benedict crucifix, when exorcized and blessed, brings a particular protection of the home where it is placed against evil as well as a particular presence of Christ himself. Available in three sizes, this crucifix is a great addition to small rooms or offices, or to be hung over a bed. These crucifixes come from the Villa of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico and brought to our shop with love by members of the Family of the Pierced Hearts. 


Small: 3 1/4"x 6"
Medium: 4" x 8"
Large: 7 1/4" x 13 1/2"

Imported from: Mexico